The BOX Show

I'm very excited to be participating in The BOX Show at UTah Artist Hands. The show, which runs from June 19 to August 19, features Utah artists and the art they've created with or inspired by boxes. The show will include oil paintings, sculptures, and more!

I loved this idea and totally ran with it and created my Enchanted Entomology box. This bug box showcases my whimsical beetles and other flying bugs and is meant to invoke a scientific feel.



A little about these bugs:

Species Name: Insecta-Hexapoda-Brilliancy

Natural Habitat: 

·  the lapel of a ladies coat

· accent piece to a gentlemen's hat


· high-quality cashmere

· fancy tweed

· the dregs of expensive champagne

Reproductive Habits: 

· multiples for the sheer "heck" of it

· intense concentration wills new generations into existence

Come check out all the creations from some very talented local artists. The opening gallery stroll is tonight, June 19, from 6-9 pm.