Another Cat

I have been on a cat-kick lately and just had to share this wonderfully inky black cat tile.

A gorgeous deep black-blue, he is approximately 8" x 8 1/2" and comes with his own wire hanger, for $52 per tile. I have gotten many requests for cats over the years and finally succumbed to the pressure and found that I really enjoy making these friendly felines, even if I am more of a dog person at heart. There is so much room to play with color and whisker placement- sometimes I expect these guys to walk right off the tile and slinky across the floor of my studio!

If there is a cat color combo (say that three times fast!) that you're dying to see, let me know! Reach out to me here on the blog, using the contact form on the homepage of my site, or at

I will continue to update the blog with whatever fantastical creatures come to life in my studio, so check back often!