Cats & Dogs Living Together!

My dogs are one of my best sellers, as Park City is full of dog lovers. But my clients who love their feline friends were feeling left out. So, after many requests for cats, I've finally broken down and made a few. Check them out:

They are a similar style to the dogs, but instead of a side profile, I have a whole face to work with. The whisker details are my favorite. 

These kitties (and puppies) are headed out to various galleries around the state and the country and will be looking for new homes.

If you're thinking about expanding your furry family, but don't want too much responsibility, consider one of these glass creations! They are self-sufficient, mild-mannered, and fiercely loyal. Stop by your favorite gallery today and ask if they carry Morag Designs.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me here on the blog or at