Evolution of a Monkey

Inspired by all the creatures currently roaming the Morag Designs studio, an intrepid client requested a monkey tile. Don't mind if I do! 

First came some brainstorming. Because glass is very unforgiving most of the time, I prefer to design in a more elementary way: paper shapes!

Once I've settled on a rough outline I start to replicate my design in glass. I start with an a smooth glass tile as my background and construct the body of the monkey. I try to use a combination of scrape glass and custom cut pieces to create my designs, and I like the idea of finding a use for all of the materials that end up in my studio.

When I'm satisfied with the arrangement I send Mr. Bananas here to the kiln to bake. And I cross my fingers that he decides to stay in place during the process!


It's always a bit of a guessing game opening up the kiln after a firing- sometimes my art likes to take some creative liberties and re-arrange itself while baking.

Please check back next week to see how our primate friend turned out! And thanks for your interest in my process!