Trip Down Under

This week, I'm sending a very special bird on a very special trip to the Land Down Under. It will be a surprise delivery and I cannot wait to hear from the lucky recipient.

A gorgeous teal body, antique  mother of pearl eyes, and a rich purple beak make up this striking bird. I imagine this creature delicately perched by the waters edge, waiting for the perfect moment to expertly pierce the water and pull out at a passing fish. A fine breakfast, indeed.

This beauty will live in a picturesque home overlooking lush green fields and rolling hills. I truly envy this bird, and look forward to seeing pictures of her in her new home. Stay tuned for updates on this girl in her new Aussie home.

Designing pieces for my loved ones and people who are close to me is the best part of my job. I love the joy I get from the thoughtful arrangement of color and accent items and of course, the final delivery when I get to see my art in their home.

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